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In service to Love, Truth & awakining

My mission is to be in devotion to love and contribute to the global human awakening through the joy of tantra, meditation & Love as a way of living.

I work with women and men in order to connect them to awakening, love, sexuality, their bodies, reclaim their aliveness & lead extraordinary lives, through breathing, movement, meditations, massages and diverse practice from the world of therapy and tantra.

I help you to master all areas of life so you can live the full spectrum of your human experience through matter and spirit.


My work is based on presence, breath, sound, movement, meditation & love, which are the fundamentals of tantra, spiritual development, healing and Secret Sexuality.

Hi! I am Satya Devi

I help people to awaken their love, truth, sensuality and joy to tap into their true soul essence 

Satya's mission is to be in devotion to love and contribute to the global human awakening through the joy of tantra, dance, meditation & love as a way of living.


My work is a bridge between the raw human experience and divine love, & Truth, Between embodying our sensuality, sexuality, emotions and deep dive to mystical experiences.


I believes that the body is the gateway to our spirituality and self healing, therefore most of her work is connected to different types of bodywork and movement.

From a young age I was exposed to spirituality, At the age of  15  was me first exposed to Osho meditations and from there to buddhism, various therapy techniques, yoga and tantra.

At the age of 20 I was travelled to India and since thenI have been travelling around the world and studying meditation, dance, tantra and therapy with different teachers and streams.


I am continues to study and explore spirituality and self development, and believes that the learning is endless and that one of the greatest teachers is our body, our laughter and the nature around us.

I am creating spaces that bring opportunity to expand consciousness, deepen intimacy and connect to the most exciting source of energy - love.

I works with individuals, couples and groups and helps them rediscover their full inner potential, awakening to love, sexuality and joy, connection to their bodies, reclaiming their aliveness & leading extraordinary lives.


From 2019 I am organises groups and learns from Ma Ananda Sarita, A Tantra master and Direct dispel of Osho, and graduated from her tantra teacher training and goddess teacher training.

I believes that Tantra It is a spiritual technology that teaches us how to reach truth, love & awakening through the body. She is passionate about spiritual awakening, has a deep love for people and a unique understanding of the psyche and the mystery of life.

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