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Tantric Initiation journey into the Heart of the feminine mysteries

Temple of the feminine

Her Beauty    Her Love     Her Sensuality    Her Blood     Her Wildness    Her Mystery

Through Tantric & Samanic practices and rituals that open the doors to the feminine essence


In this temple, your body turns into the altar
Your beauty turns into an offering
And your ecstasy becomes the prayer itself 

Anandism retreat center Rishikesh, India

With Ma Prem Satya Devi

SheRise is a initiation journey into the heart of the feminine mysteries,

Through Tantric & Shamanic practices, rituals and techniques that

open the doors to the feminine mysteries.

Remember your priestess within 

Liberate your eros

Awaken your Feminine essence 

15-23 october 2023

Rishikesh, India

Imagine a sacred temple of sisterhood where you come to celebrate, meditate, dance, connect, practice and

learn the art of being a woman that feel wholeness in he self.


Women that radiant love whatever she go.

Woman that know how she is and her fullest potential.

Women how is unapologetic about her sensuality and power. 

A magnetite woman who magnetizes to her field abundance, love, and everything she desires.


A temple where prayer gets a different meaning and

where your full expression is witnessed as a form of art.

Inside this temple, it is not about feeling pretty,

It is about feeling goddess, powerful and authentic, A true queen.

This is a journey for you, to come home to you. To reclaim those lost fragments of your sexuality and feminine oracle, that may be lying dormant in deep and hidden corners of your being. 

Most of the women don’t feel complete and connected to their feminine essence because they are not connected to all the parts within them, the female archetypes. 



usually we choose a character or two from the variety of archetypes in us and choose to ignore the rest, this causes confusion, lack of realizing our full potential and lack of connection to our complete sexuality, Because our sexuality is influenced by the archetypes we embody and the circle of our menstrual cycle.

During our journey together you will liberate all that is hidden and simultaneously unlock deeper layers of your creative expression, mysticism and your goddess essence.

When you will embrace all the archetypes in you, you will be able to live from a place of woolens , connection, sexual fulfillment , magnetism joy and love.

We will celebrate you as a goddess , as you rebirth into who you are at your core & get clarity on how you desire to express into the next phase of your soul's journey.

Be Prepared to let the fires of your own eros burn away all that no longer serves you and rise from those ashes as the truth of who you are…

Sister it is time to rise together..

Sister, you are invited to return to the Temple..

I found my sisterhood, my tribe,

My heart is full of love.

Every woman should do this. 

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The door to your feminine awakening is open. Will you enter?

You are here because, you want..

|    Discover and experience the mysteries path of Tantra for women.

|    Reach awakening, release stagnant energies that prevent you to reach your full potential.

|    Open to self-love, loving others and loving the whole.

|    Dripping in pleasure, tapped into your intuitive yoni/womb power and aligned with the deepest parts of your feminine essence.

|    Discover all the female archetypes related to every aspect of your life.

|    Feeling depleted and wants to fill up your own feminine juicy cup

|    Increase love and creativity in your life and relationships.

|    Desire a passionate, powerful, purposeful, joyful life.

|    Desires to unlock her feminine magnetism – the key to serving from her feminine to avoid current/future burnout

|    You are curious about exploring the spiritual aspects of sexuality.

|    Deepen your meditations and expand your consciousness in a feminine way

|    Magnetize abundance into your life

|    Discover the Secret of your menstrual circle and the connection to your  sexuality  

|    Open to experience emotional fluidity leading to liberation and ecstasy.

|    You are ready to unlock her unique creative gifts and share them with the world

|    You want to be surrounded by like-minded women seeking connection, growth, and empowerment.

|    This retreat is for all women who want to claim their feminine nature back.

women who want to celebrate, meditate, connect and have a transformative journey to discover their full potential.


|    Women who are willing to dive into the womb mysteries, awakening the mystical priestess and be embodied women in the world. 

Through tantric & shamanic techniques and perspective.

For the woman who..

Say YES to Your feminine essence

If you take time to listen to your body,

you would find that it has a lot to tell you

about the mystery of the essence of life.

Sometimes she is whispers and all you have

to do is to be silent and listen to your body's melody.


In your sacred temple body there are ancient

Codes that guide you to your highest potential.. your awakening!

All these codes exist in your temple body


Your body is an instrument of divine love, light and truth.

And is the time to RECLAIM your

true soul’s essence and awaken your

sensual feminine Power and inner wisdom.

"This experience was literally life

changing for me"

Satya creates a very intimate and comfortable space for women to express their authentic selves. It's a space where women can understand each other on a different and deeper level. I became more aware of my feminine energy and learned how to use it on a practical level. I learned different techniques to understand and be more in my body. Through different and beautiful meditations I've learned how to work with my emotions and express them. Satya is holding this space with her great knowledge, warmth, and love, guiding us gently and carefully. This experience was literally life changing for me, It's not just a "one in a lifetime experience" for me, it's actually how I want to live my life and what I want to practice every day in my life. 

Inviting more love and pleasure!

|  Nitzan, Israel

"I am immensely grateful for welcoming me into this beautiful circle of belonging, unity, sisterhood"

This experience has truly woven threads of healing, deep connection, empowerment, compassion within my soul. I am immensely grateful for welcoming me into this beautiful circle of belonging, unity, sisterhood, motherhood, womanhood that enveloped me. Satya, your wisdom and gentle presence created a space of vulnerability, trust and an atmosphere where each one of us felt extremely safe to open our hearts and share the rawness of our journeys.

 Aakruti, India

"I did see a lot of movement inside some inner shifts happen and It was very beautiful"

It is such a beautiful, beautiful retreat.

Mainly because of all the people, the alignment was really beautiful. The teachers was so beautiful, they try to level best to keep us comfortable,

yet get us out of our comfort zone by little step by step, moment by moment.


I did see a lot of movement inside, not just with the body or not just with the sound, but also some inner shifts happen and It was very beautiful.

Thank you, Thank you so much.

|  Charu, India

""The biggest thing that I have taken away from the retreat is deeper level of self-love and honesty"

I have had such a beautiful time here at this retreat.

I have learned so much about myself and about others.

I would say that the biggest thing that I have taken away from the retreat is deeper level of self-love and honesty with what I want, what I deserve, in making decisions and much more authentic awareness of my emotions and what they really mean for me, how to feel, how to express.


It's been really transformative for me.

I am filled with gratitude for Satya and Dev for everything that they done and everything that they are, and I really grateful for the experience,

thank you very much.

|  Kayla, US

Techniques and topic we will work with

|  Experiential Tantra and shamanic practices

|  Embodied& Movement practices

|  Active and silent meditations

|  Master your emotions- Emotional release & fluidity

|  Healing technique

|  Blue Lotus & Cocoa Ceremonies

|  Sacred ritual and temple arts

|  Dream work and intuition

|  The heart as a magical tool, sacred heart wisdom

|  Breathwork

|  Feminine archetypes 

|  Circle of sisterhood how support each other on a life- changing journey

|  The mysteries of life, death and blood

|  Erotic wisdom, sexual activation and magnetism

|  Living in alignment  and deepening connections with     others 

|  The feminine shadow

|  Shamanic projection

|  The alchemy of the heart

|  Leadership as love

|  Cosmic womb portals

|  The path of the feminine mystic

|  Awakening the priestess

|  Secret of the menstrual circle

|  light, dark and shadow work

The feminine archetype, how she is?

She’s you! She’s me! She’s us!

She’s a pattern of energy! She’s feminine behaviour!

she’s associated with the stages of your life, your menstrual cycle and the moon phase!

She is an inseparable part of you and she will support you on your path!

Each famanine archetype corresponds to a different phase in the women's menstrual cycle.

These are all connected. Women have a deep connection to the moon, which mirrors their own internal rhythms.

There are many female archetypes to explore, however this is six female archetypes that correspond to a different season, a different phase of the moon, and a different phase of our menstrual cycle.

Understanding and tuning into our archetypal energies and behaviours is very important for us as women.

Through them we can connect deeply to the cycle phases, to our own natural internal rhythm, feel wholeness and reclaim our divine feminine.

It allows us to recognise and celebrate the subtle shifts in femininity that we cycle through.

It helps us to accept the fact that we are changing all the time, our needs change and the way we express ourselves to the external world is different each time.

This will make the feeling that there is a split in us whole and accept and love ourselves even more.

And its also very fun!!!

The Maiden  Follicular- Spring Phase

The Erotic- Temptress Woman  Ovulatory- Summer Phase

The Mother  Nurture Woman  Luteal- Autumn Phase

The Wild Woman Luteal, few days before the bleed - Autumn Phase

The Wise- priestess Woman Menstrual- Winter Phase

The Queen- Sage woman During the entire lunar cycle and after menopause- She is the one who transcends to all the lunar (moon) cycles and we always have access to her.


*If you are already post menopause or do not have a womb you still can connect to these energies, because they are still inside of you.

“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.”


~ Rumi

Your facilitator

Satya's mission is to be in devotion to love and contribute to the global human awakening through the joy of tantra, dance, meditation & love as a way of living.


Her work is a bridge between the raw human experience and divine love, & Truth, Between embodying our sensuality, sexuality, emotions and deep dive to mystical experiences.


She believes that the body is the gateway to our spirituality and self healing, therefore most of her work is connected to different types of bodywork and movement.

From a young age she was exposed to spirituality, At the age of 15 she was first exposed to Osho meditations and from there to buddhism, various therapy techniques, yoga and tantra.

At the age of 20 she first travelled to India and since then she has been travelling around the world and studying meditation, dance, tantra and therapy with different teachers and streams.


She continues to study and explore spirituality and self development, and believes that the learning is endless and that one of the greatest teachers is our body, our laughter and the nature around us.

She creates spaces that bring opportunity to expand consciousness, deepen intimacy and connect to the most exciting source of energy - love.

She works with individuals, couples and groups and helps them rediscover their full inner potential, awakening to love, sexuality and joy, connection to their bodies, reclaiming their aliveness & leading extraordinary lives.


From 2019 Satya organises groups and learns from Ma Ananda Sarita, A Tantra master and Direct dispel of Osho, and graduated from her tantra teacher training and goddess teacher training.

Satya believes that Tantra It is a spiritual technology that teaches us how to reach truth, love & awakening through the body. She is passionate about spiritual awakening, has a deep love for people and a unique understanding of the psyche and the mystery of life.


In one afternoon we will have a beautiful photo shoot as a group by sunset - and everyone will have the chance to have individual photos taken of them. 


And of courseyou will receive them after the retreat

Extra gift from me.. Photo Shoot

Our amazing temple space

Anandism Wellness Center is a retreat located in a peaceful forest setting,

offering a chance to escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life and connect with nature.

This wellness center focuses on promoting Anandism, which is a philosophy centered around experiencing joy and happiness.

Surrounded by the serene beauty of the forest, the  centre provides a tranquil environment where you can fully immerse to nature and experience refreshed, relaxed, and rejuvenate.

The group room in the shape of a large circle is built of stones, the feeling is that of a large womb that envelops us and gives us the possibility to enter deep into ourselves and a wide space for celebration.

Outside in front of the Himalayas there is another space for yoga and meditation where some of the practitioners will practice.

We will have healthy delicious food to delight your senses and nourish the body.

 with option  to vegan and gluten free food.

Retreat Workshop Details


Single Ticket, Shared Room with 3 women

  • Early Bird: 45,000 INR

  • Full Price: 55,000 INR

  • Deposit: 20,000 INR

Single Ticket, Shared Room with 2 women

  • Early Bird: 55,000 INR

  • Full Price: 65,000 INR

  • Deposit: 20,000 INR

Single Ticket, Private Room​

  • Full Price: 75,000 INR

  • Deposit: 30,000 INR

|   for single accommodation. Availability is limited.

|   Early Bird price end on the 15th September.

|   There are several scholarship places available


**The full payment must be paid up to a week

before the retreat on 1.10

Dates & Times

15th- 22th October 2023 

October 15th, 2023

11:00 PM : Check in

14:00 PM : Meeting at the group room

October 22th, 2023

11:00 PM : Check out

15:00 PM : Finish in the group room



  • Access to all retreat activities

  • Accommodation for 7 nights in a beautiful retreat center

  • All meals - Healthy and delicious Brunch, snacks & dinner (option for vegan and gluten free)

  • Blue Lotus & Cocoa ceremony

  • 2 zoom call after the retreat for integration

  • Womb temple journey notebook


Contact us

 Kayla (organizer)-        Whatsapp:  +1 (559) 804-7916

  • What if I feel uncomfortable doing some of the practices?
    | My approach to facilitation and healing is soft and gentle, yet profound, powerful, and clear. I believe that our healing journey and transformation could be done in a short time if we practise the right practise in totality with the right intention and bring to our difficulties places love and awareness. I will be inviting you to "stretch" and get a bit out of your comfort zone, because that's where growth happens. Yet, you will never be forced to do anything that doesn't feel right to you. You can choose not to participate in certain practices and your choice will be honoured and loved. Each participant is encouraged to go only as far as it feels correct in the present moment.
  • What is not included in the retreat fee?
    | Transportation to and from Anandism retreat retreat center.
  • What is the refund policy
    The deposit is non-refundable, In case you can't make it to the retreat after sign-up. Remaining amount is refundable up to 14 days before the retreat, with a cancellation fee of 5%. If a participant cannot come, we will allow him to transfer the registration to another participant (with our approval) or to transfer the registration to future retreats.
  • What is the accommodation option?
    | We have 3 options of accommodation- Bed in a room with 2 women. Bed in a room with 3 women. Bed in a private room. All the room have a private beautiful bathroom. For more information and details please write to our team and that will answer you.
  • What is included in the retreat fee?
    | Access to all retreat activities | Accommodation for 7 nights in a beautiful retreat center | All meals - Healthy and delicious Brunch, snacks & dinner (option for vegan and gluten free) | Blue Lotus & Cocoa ceremony | 3 zoom call after the retreat for integration | Womb temple journey notebook
  • When should I arrive & depart?
    The retreat start on 15th October at 13:00 pm The retreat end on 23t October at 15:00pm *It is recommended to arrive at least two hours before the start of the retreat for check in and get organized in the rooms. **It is an option to stay an extra night on the last day of the retreat for an additional fee.
  • What should I bring to the retreat?
    | A list of things to bring will be sent to you after registration.
  • Will I have free time during the Immersion?
    | Even though you will have free time during the meals and the free time, you are asked to have as much as free time without extra plans during the time of the retreat (Zoom meetings and such), or right after it. The program is intensive and the integration and rest time is very important. I invite you to give yourself this gift and make the best from the experience and teaching.
  • What if I have special needs?
    Let us know if you have special requirements, diet, allergies or anything else that you forgot to mention in the application form and we will address your inquiry promptly.
  • How do I reach the venue?
    | We will send detailed instructions to the venue after registration. We will also add you to a WhatsApp group with all the participants of the retreat that you can find friends to share a taxi with.
  • What is the schedule of the retreat?
    | An example of the schedule of the retreat: Each day is unique with different practices and ceremonies. This is what the schedule looks like: 8:00am: movement or meditation session. 9:30am: Breakfast- Brunch 11:00am: Group room session 1:00pm: Snack and free time 3:00pm: Group room session 5:00pm: Dinner 6:30pm: Group room session- Ritual or party night 9:00pm: End of the day The schedule could be change depend of the group.
  • I have a question that is not addressed here.
    please email us at and we'll come back to you shortly!
Shadow on the Wall

Do you have more questions about the retreat?
We will be happy to talk and get to know you

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